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Professional HOA’s Chairman

Does your Homeowners’ Association (HOA) find it difficult to choose right members or chairman?

Is it hard to find somebody who would be willing to take over the responsibility and obligations that working for statutory authority carries?

Do you worry about who would pay potential damages?

Are your monthly costs for running the association exorbitant?

  • The HOA’s professional chairman takes over a comprehensive responsibility for running the statutory authority of Homeowners’ Association.
  • No more worries about potential damages – the members of statutory authority are obligated to act with due diligence.
  • Our HOA’s chairman saves your association costs of insurance for potential damages, that would be covered by its statutory authority.
  • He or she will meet your high demand on expertise and skills – membership in association requires knowledge of law, accounting and management
  • He or she takes an ungrateful position – few people want to have the responsibility of the association’s member, but many people want to criticize them.



Why Is It Worth It to Hire a Professional HOA’s Chairmen from PPM?

  • We have more than 10 experienced professional HOA’s chairmen, who are mutually interchangeable if necessary. We have more than 10 experienced SVJ professional presidents who are mutually interchangeable if necessary.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience.
  • We are insured for CZK 20 million for damage caused to third parties - as one of the few in the field.
  • We can provide references from more than 100 satisfied customers.


What Does Our Professional HOA’s Chairman Provide?

  • Managing the house in matters that are not solely managed by the assembly.
  • Making contracts according to the financial limits and rules stated by the assembly.
  • Records of property owners and obligations in relation to the public register.
  • Performing the resolutions of the homeowners’ assembly – he/she is liable for his/her activities.
  • Common agenda - complaints, recommendations and requests from association members.
  • Informing members of the association (in an agreed form) about his/her activities, about events in the association and about factual and financial results of the house administration.
  • Homeowners’ Association assembly – preparing materials, sending out invitations, attendance, managing the assembly and voting process, minutes from the assembly.
  • Processing and approving the factual and financial plan for repairs and investments.
  • Proposal of the deposit for individual services and the way of dividing payments for services between owners, control of cost accounting.
  • Managing and archiving records and resolutions from the assembly and their eventual discarding.
  • Active search for savings opportunities in all areas of house administration and its maintenance while preserving service quality.
  • Meeting obligations to association arisen from contracts, liabilities and obligations towards third parties in time, including timely enforcement of association’s claims.
  • Enforcement of obligations stated by the members of the association, especially the payment of debts.
  • Regular meetings with the management company and checking of its activities.
  • Regular checking of the building and arranging minor repairs in cooperation with the management company.
  • Bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, dealing with tax obligations of the community in accordance with valid legislation.

What Do You Need to Do to Hire Professional HOA’s Chairman?

  • Amend the statutes of the HOA to allow the election of a natural or legal person who does not own a flat in the house.
  • Create a review committee or appoint a supervisor.
  • Gather the assembly, approve statute’s changes and vote for members of the review committee or supervisor.



How Can You Hire Our Professional HOA’s Chairman?

  • At a personal meeting, we will answer all your questions.
  • We will prepare a proposal of changing the statutes of the HOA, so that everything in in accordance with law.
  • We will help you to call together the Homeowners’ Association.
  • At the assembly, we will present our professional HOA’s chairman and answer all questions.
  • Once the existing chairman agrees, we will sign the necessary contracts and take over the management of the house.
  • We will conduct a thorough audit of all the details and prepare a report and plan of activities for the next period.
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