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Cleaning Services, Daily Housekeeping and Greenery Maintenance

Regular maintenance includes inspections, minor repairs, emergency service, damage and claims including:

  • Periodic visual checks of common areas and parts of the house,
  • Carrying out minor works such as bulb replacement, door adjustment, taking out garbage etc.
  • Recording and handling suggestions and complaints by individual owners,
  • Records of damages, claims and complaints related to the common areas and their handling,
  • Providing non-stop emergency services - water, heating, gas, sewerage system, electro,
  • Maintenance and repair of technological equipment, including non-stop lift recue service,
  • Continuous updating of community notice boards,
  • Managing the card and key home system.

Regular cleaning services include both weekly or daily cleaning of common areas, quarterly or annual cleaning, window cleaning, garage cleaning, outdoor cleaning and winter maintenance. We provide:

  • regular housekeeping -  cleaning corridors, staircases, lifts, entrances and entrance doors, mailboxes, railings, fire extinguishers, window ledges, switches,
  • mechanical washing of garage premises and washing of garage doors,
  • outdoor cleaning including cleaning around garbage bins,
  • winter cleaning, snow removal and pavement sanding,
  • cleaning windows and frames in common areas,
  • proper cleaning of common areas

During the maintenance of greenery, we will arrange all the necessary operations all year round so that the greenery is really green. The extent depends on the agreement. Typical green maintenance includes:

  • Regular mowing of lawns,
  • Chemical clearing from weeds and fertilization of lawns,
  • Aeration of lawns
  • Reseeding lawns
  • Spring and autumn leaves raking,
  • Cutting the trees and shrubs,
  • Shaping of hedges,
  • Woody plant fertilization,
  • Pests and disease remedies
  • Weeding of beds
  • Addition of mulching bark,
  • Seasonal plantings of annuals and perennials.
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Report accident or complaint

For all objects managed by Prague Property Management, there is a non-stop emergency service is provided by JANPE s.r.o.

Defects in the common areas of the house are covered by the funds of Homeowners’ Association, the defects in your unit will be paid directly in cash.

In case of an accident out of working hours (daily including holidays: 17:00 - 7:00), contact Emergency Service 840 111 840.

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