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  • Do you spend unnecessary money for fixing running water in the toilet?
  • Did you buy a new home appliance, but you do not know how to install it?
  • Do you need to hang a chandelier, painting or to change a carpet, but you have nobody capable of doing it or you do not have the right tools?

Do not wait for a neighbour or friend who promised to do it - hire our skilful handyman now. Our handymen will help you in your flat, house or office, he helps with maintenance, repairs and installation. He works fast and good and even cleans after himself.

Handyman Can Help You with:

  • Plumbing – changing a sink, replacing tap or toilet flush, cleaning a drean, fixing leaky shower
  • Masonry works – fixing a hall in the wall, attaching wall tiles
  • Painting and varnishing services - painting your flat, doors, windows or fences
  • Installing of all kinds – assembling furniture, hanging mirrors or paintings, shelfs, replacing locks, laying a carpet
  • Electrical work – installing new appliances, hanging and plugging in chandeliers, replacing light switches, electrical outlets or fluorescent lamp
  • Gardening – mowing the lawn, cutting down trees, cutting hedgerows, cleaning your swimming pool

Handyman Price List (including VAT)

  • Work:
    350 CZK/hour
  • Transportation:
    300 CZK

The more hours worked, the lower price per hour

  • 2-3 hours of work:
    340 CZK/hour
  • 4-5 hours of work:
    320 CZK/hour
  • 6 and more hours of work:
    290 CZK/hour

Every commenced hour is charged

Used material is charged separately

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Phone number: +420 277 000 330
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